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This blog is dedicated to the classiest drunk and sharpest tongue around. Chelsea Handler truly is the queen of late-night comedy.


Awk. Ward. Shaun on Chelsea Lately, 3/20/14


1/14/14 Round Table with Leah Remini, Mary McCormack and Whitney Cummings. Requested by themichellemadden

Aaaahhhh! Thank you, everyone!!!! I can’t fucking believe my life. Thank you

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Why are babies allowed to cry when they wake up, but adults crying when they wake is frowned upon? Babies are permitted to act like assholes whenever they feel like it and no one blinks, but if an adult throws a temper tantrum, all of a sudden it’s on Youtube.
Chelsea Handler, Uganda Be Kidding Me (via cblgblog)

Chelsea Lately: Cameron Diaz