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This blog is dedicated to the classiest drunk and sharpest tongue around. Chelsea Handler truly is the queen of late-night comedy.
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Last morning meeting at Chelsea Lately. RIP. 

After Lately: Kate Beckinsale’s Juice Cleanse

You know what? I’m gonna wind up killing one of you and eating your body, like that soccer team in the Andes mountains did, if somebody doesn’t get some food, real food, in here, in a minute.

Chelsea Lately: Bam Bam Bieber

Do you know what kind of strength it took for him to wrestle his way out of his car seat, to get that angry?

After Lately: Brad Wollack and Loni Love

You know what, I’ve wanted to kick your ass for a long time.

Chelsea Lately: Justin Bieber’s Post-Bday Rant

Chelsea Lately: A Valentine’s Day Story

"I’ve asked my staff to act out a Valentine’s Day story. They’ve never heard this story, all they know is that they’re going on a date, so bear with them as they manage to screw this up also."

Anytime Chelsea embarrasses her staff, I’m in.