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For Anon. I did the best I could! I also believe that the last GIFs are where Loni Love started attacking fellow roundtablers with her face. So…blame Dr. Drew.

  • Dr. Drew: Have you ever considered anger management? I mean you--
  • Chelsea: No, I haven't!
  • Dr. Drew: Because it seems like you have a great deal of rage.
  • Chelsea: I do! I'm angry! I'm rageful! I'm mad, okay, because I have to come to work with all these morons and listen to this nonsense everyday. You get to work with sane people like Tom Sizemore and Jeff Conaway. I don't! I have to work with this dipsy-doodle. And that one who just wants to eat all day long. And then that face. Okay, I am mad. I'm mad about the way my life turned out, okay? I'd rather have diarrhea than sit here and listen to this.


Thats hurtful, but not as hurtful as getting shot in the face.

Shot a woman in the face. Shot a woman in the face. shot a woman in the face.