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E! told me I could take the night off, FYI, just to deal with this but I wasn’t gonna leave America alone tonight, during this tragedy, because I wanted to be here for you.
Chelsea Handler, on Bruce and Kris Jenner’s official separation 
We may do a full hour for the actual thousandth episode. [About a month from now.] We are deciding about that. We can test it and see about an hour-long show later on, down the road. It’s a discussion.
Chelsea Handler on whether the move to a new studio means extending the length of the show.

Tuesday’s Roundtable: 07.10.12

In case you missed it: Monday’s Roundtable on Chelsea Lately

It’s not the full segment, but I thought I’d post what I thought was the best part of each episode I have because I know you can’t find the roundtable bits online.

I hate when people lie and they’re like ‘No I don’t do that!’
Just say what you do, and stand behind what you do….unless it’s really, really bad.
Chelsea Handler