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Tubbin’ with Tash has arrived!  natashaleggero tubs with Chelsea Handler to discuss sex bruises, being drunk at funerals and sleeping porn.

I don’t understand why this is an issue!! Let gay people have sex! This is so stupid! By the way, Indians let their toddlers shit on the side of the street. Why is this more important? […] And you are a bigot. People don’t understand, like, do not say this in front of a camera because if you say you’re against this, in ten years you’re gonna look like the people who did not want black people to use their drinking fountains. You’re gonna look so stupid! It’s bigotry!
Natasha Leggero (on the gay sex issue in India)
@natashaleggero Getting worried there might not be enough talent in America to acommodate all these singing shows.

Weekly Roundup: December 13, 2010 

"So you don’t even know how to screw this!?”